Write in the Lady Guardians World

How you can write in Xyla Turner’s Lady Guardian’s World!

Are you a fan of Legion of Guardian Series, motorcycle club (MC) romances or interested in writing about women bikers? Great, now you can write your own stories using Xyla Turner’s World, which lets other people legally “borrow” her characters, write stories about them or create your own. Best of all, you’ll own all rights to your work and every sale of your story you’ll be paid for!

Here’s how:

  1. Highly recommended: If you’re not familiar with MC romance novels, get familiar with the World by reading one of the last two books in the original Legion of Guardians Motorcycle Club stories written by Xyla Turner or other motorcycle club romance novels. Kristin Ashley is also a favorite – Click Here
  2. Read the author guidelines for the Lady Guardians World.
  3. Apply at the bottom of the guideline page.
  4. Once we review and you are approved, write your story.
  5. Submit your story through the Lady Guardian submission portal using the “Submit your story” button. You must upload a cover for your story.

“I really liked the Guardians, who they were, what they stood for, what they did, and how respected they were.” ~ Amazon Reviewer