Ride For Free by Hadley Raydeen

Ride For Free

Read the second book in the Lady Guardian July 2018 serial by Author Hadley Raydeen!

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Ride For Free


My name is Kyanne Trent. I don’t much care for this biker life, but I grew up around it all my life. I don’t have much choice in the matter; It surrounds me, like it or not. My Pops, Freeland “Free” Trent and Moms Stella are Presidents of the League of Guardians and the Lady Guardians in Arlington Virginia. They do amazing things in the community, including council the abused and homeless at the shelter where I work. But, their one vice is the rival 1% biker gang The Hellhounds, they can’t seem to shake that feud. Now, the president of ‘The Dogs’ is out after a ten-year stint in prison and the Guardians are the ones he’s coming for because they put him there. I begged my dad to leave well enough alone. After receiving the worst news of my life, my world is falling apart around me. I have no choice but to dust off my riding skills and climb back on the one thing that has been a part of my world, but I've been avoiding, like it or not. My bike. I will avenge this wrong by myself if I have to, but my best friend Zachary may have something to say about that.


I’m Zach Foster. I’m the Tail Gunner for the League of Guardians in Arlington Virginia. If any member in the ride should have mechanical difficulties or crashes for any reason, the Tail Gunner assists in making the repairs. I learned everything I know about bikes from my mentor Free Trent. He’s like a second father to me. His daughter, Kyanne, is a handful and beyond stubborn. It’s her way or no way, and sometimes she won’t listen to reason. But, I will protect her at all costs because that is what I promised her dad I would do. Plus, I love her. She’ll forever have my heart. I just haven’t told her yet.

Ride For Free

When tragedy befalls her family, I’m here to help pick up the pieces and give her a shoulder to lean on, cry on or maybe help her warm her sheets. I’ll help provide that comfort anyway I can; whatever Ky wants Ky can have. Through all of this perhaps I’ll get her back on the bike collecting dust in the garage again. I just have to make sure she doesn’t run off and try to do anything stupid on her own to get back at The Hellhounds.

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Hadley has been editing Romance and Erotica for nearly ten years and is working on getting several of her manuscripts published.
Hadley Raydeen

"Hadley Raydeen, gave me one heck of ride in this book."

C. Franklin, Reviewer

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