Lady Guardians Author Guidelines


Lady Guardian Authors


Book Title

All authors in this world must title their books with the following format:

Lady Guardians: Your Book Title


All books in the Lady Guardians series will have a template cover provided by Dar Dixon. Your eBook cover is $75.00 and this form (click here) will need to be completed and sent to Dar at this address: dar_dixon at  

If you would like to have your own cover created, please note that it must highly resemble the template and the quality.  


Every author will always have and retain all rights to their own work. 

Word Count

Your book should have the minimum of 25k words

Book Price

Your book cost should range from $1.99 to more depending on your comfort and length.

Platform & PreOrders

All books will be published on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and must be put on Pre-Order two weeks prior to the release date. 

Lady Guardians Colors

Pink & Steel Grey 

New World

Authors will have a choice to do one of the following for their release: 

  • Write a book with members in the National Chapter
  • Create a new MC chapter in another location besides Reading, PA.
  • Write a book with members already in an established chapter that you’ve created.


Authors can follow this checklist which will outline what needs to be done and when. 

Apply & Contact


Must Include In Book

All authors in this world must include at least one of the following scenarios: 

  • National member visiting for chapter setup (new clubs)
  • National member coming for dinner
  • National member attending your club meeting
  • National members participating in a club event
  • National members calling about an incident


One week prior to the release cycle, a free introductory book of the Lady Guardians National Chapter and each book within the releasing cycle will be published. Your book synopsis and overall conflict will be embedded in the free book’s story, which means the following: 

  • All books must be complete and professionally edited one and half months before release day. 
  • Books will be released every two days to give the reader a chance to read and move on to the next.
  • A beta reader will read each book prior to give feedback and ensure continuity. 

Internal Advertisements

Every book will have one chapter of other books that are released in that seasonal cohort with the pre-ordered link.  This is for maximum coverage of everyone’s work and a great releasing sequence. 

Due to this, the eBook formatting is included with acceptance in writing for this world. 

Create your own series

Authors can create their own series within this world. They can release in each cohort if desired. i.e. 

Book 1: Lady Guardians: Just Ride (Cali Riders)

Book 2: Lady Guardians: Let’s Ride (Cali Riders)

Book 3: Lady Guardians: We Ride (Cali Riders)

Promo Expectations

As you know, even the best written book will not get seen if not promoted. 

The expectation is that every author in the release cohort will promo 2-3 times a week in the club group and outside of it via social media.

Promo images will be provided to the releasing cohort.

John E. Bunch, II

Book: Prospect’s Bible for Women’s Motorcycle Book

Available on Amazon

Book: The Motorcycle Queen of Miami

Available on Amazon


Personal References

Available upon request

Email Xyla Turner

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