About the Legion of Guardians Series

The Legion of Guardians Motorcycle Club was created by Xyla Turner and all books can be purchased on Amazon. Click on the Book Links.

Just Ride (Book 1): Razor & Kylie feature the Regional President of the Club and a new woman in town who wants nothing to do with bikers.

Let’s Ride (Book 2): Bronx & Shay have known each other for a long time, but after one night four years ago. They never got together, until now.

Just Right (Book 3): Apollo broke something in Lori, in book 1. Now, she’s back and he’s forced to deal with what he couldn’t handle.

Just Dream (Book 4): Bear is too old for women’s bull. Dessy’s too innocent for him, but she keeps asking for it.

Dream Ride (Book 5): Shiz has run from all sorts of relationships besides his brothers. After a crazy woman, Avery crushed his beloved bike, he realizes he can’t run fast enough.

“You know I thought this would be your typical biker MC book but it wasn’t at all. It was sassy, funny, dramatic, and heartfelt. The Legion of Guardians is an MC like no other. They are there to serve and protect the community and the surrounding areas around it..” ~ Lisa Petty